30 years of turmoil


The Nooristan Foundation is an all-volunteer Section 501 (c)(3) charity founded in 1999 and based in the Washington DC area. Our mission is to support health care, vocational training programs and education for women and children. Our policy is to work collaboratively with communities and with reliable local partners that have a track record of low overhead and an approach that respects and empowers Afghans. We believe that assistance should move beyond humanitarian aid to provide recipients with the skills they need to support themselves economically. Our goal is that the Afghans we help become full participating members of their community.


  • New Beginnings: We are helping some 91 refugee families living in despair in squalid Red Army barracks an hour outside Kabul. In 2008-09 we provided emergency winter aid (clothes, food, fuel, plastic sheeting, etc.) and have since supported literacy classes for 120 women, sent 60 children to school, provided 300 bicycles, and started job training classes for the women (sewing, poultry raising, etc.) so they can earn money to support their families.
  • Education: Three years ago we launched a primary school for 70 girls and boys in remote Pasigam village in the mountains of Nooristan. We have been funding construction of a school building to replace rented quarters. The village council is providing the land and free labor. Because of Taliban activity in Nooristan, we have begun a program to provide professional education training for 30 teachers in a girls school in Kandahar.
  • Midwife Training: Given Afghanistan’s high maternal mortality rate (one in every eleven mothers risks death), midwife training is a priority. After completing a two-year training program for 80 midwives in Takhar, we are working to set up another program to train midwives, probably in Logar province.